Season Hubley in Total Exposure

Though she would not retire until the end of the decade, Season Hubley's last starring role came in 1991, in the exploitation movie Total Exposure. Season Hubley was the focus of the story in Total Exposure and definitely had the lead role in the film, alongside actor Michael Nouri. She would continue acting until 1998, but she never again had such a substantial role in a movie.

In Total Exposure, Season Hubley plays photographer Andi Robinson. On her way back from a photo shoot in Mexico, on of the models she has been working with stashes a kilo of cocaine into her luggage. When she gets home and discovers the illegal package, she proceeds to dump it down the drain. She is then targeted by various bad people who want the drugs back and eventually she has to hire a private investigator (Michael Nouri) after is she is framed for murder. It then turns out that the situation is even more complex than it once seemed, with a politician (played by Jeff Conaway) also involved somehow.

Though it might sound like a not-very-good movie (the film is generally reviewed in negative to mediocre terms, by professional and amateur critics), I actually found Total Exposure to be entertaining. Granted, I only watched the movie due to the presence of Season Hubley and I found her to be quite satisfactory in her role. Total Exposure was reasonably engrossing and I never had the urge to turn it off at any point during the course of the movie.

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Total Exposure: