Random image of Season Hubley

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Season Hubley in Under the Influence

In 1986, Season Hubley co-starred in a hard-hitting story about alcoholism, pill-popping and family troubles called Under the Influence. Depending on your viewpoint, the TV movie was either a gripping drama that uncovered the dark side of American life or just a heavy-handed portrait of some of the worst people you'd never want to meet. Sadly, many of the attitudes and types of people presented in Under the Influence really do exist...but one can always hope that the numbers are less now than they were when this movie was originally broadcast.

The upside of Under the Influence is the presence of Season Hubley. The actress gets to go over-the-top in her portrayal of the emotionally damaged daughter of horrible parents. During the course of this rather disturbing movie, Season Hubley gets to act utterly shocked a number of times, chain-smoke, slap her husband and attempt suicide. Her expressive face and solid acting skills make for a fun, if depressing, performance.

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Under the Influence:

Yet another Season Hubley image

Here's another picture of Season Hubley, complete with burgundy hat, teapot and too much makeup!