Season Hubley on Kung Fu

In 1974, Season Hubley was a guest star in the third season debut of Kung Fu. Titled "Blood of the Dragon," it was a feature length episode that was later split into two parts for later rebroadcast. Alongside a trio of other famous guest stars (Patricia Neal and real life father-son Eddie and Edward Albert), Season Hubley played a long lost relative David Carradine's Kwai Chang Caine character. A popular show at the time, Season Hubley's Kung Fu appearance was great exposure for the actress who had only begun acting two years previous. Additional press was garnered when it was revealed that Season Hubley and David Carradine were linked romantically (it was even announced that they were to be married...but he eventually went back to his previous girlfriend, Barbara "Seagull" Hershey).

Season Hubley and David Carradine

Season Hubley did a great job playing the young Margit Kingsley McLean on Kung Fu, lending her appealing presence to the show and looking quite beautiful throughout. She also looks lovely with long hair (even if only some of it was her real hair). This project was also one of the few period pieces Season Hubley took part in her 25 year acting career and it makes me think she could have done some good work in other historical films or TV shows.

Here are some images of Season Hubley on Kung Fu:

Season Hubley, Edward Albert and a horse

Season Hubley's eyes

Season Hubley and Eddie Albert

David Carradine comforts Season Hubley

A startled Season Hubley

Season Hubley on Kung Fu: the big picture

Here are some extra large images of Season Hubley from her 1974 appearance on the TV series Kung Fu. Click any of the pictures to see them full size.

Season Hubley in Hardcore

In 1979, Season Hubley was featured in the movie Hardcore, the role that should have catapulted her to mainstream stardom. The film, written and directed by Paul Schrader and starring the legendary George C. Scott, had all the right elements to become a classic and over the years has become cult favorite. However, some time after the release of Hardcore, Season Hubley decided to get married and have a child, putting her career on hold fore several years.

In Hardcore, Season Hubley plays a young, streetwise prostitute named Niki (she also stars in adult films and works a booth a seedy locale). She is persuaded to help George C. Scott look for his missing daughter who has disappeared into depths of the California sex underworld. Yes, Season Hubley does appear nude in the film during two different scenes (in case you were wondering). It is also worth noting that there was some chatter at the time about her getting a best supporting actress Oscar nomination (unfortunately that didn't happen).

Anyways, Hardcore offered Season Hubley on of her most iconic screen roles and, due to the major studio backing and the big names involved, perhaps one of her most seen roles overall. She looks great throughout the film, gets to wear some funky fashions and gets to act opposite George C. Scott. What more could you ask for?

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Hardcore:

Season Hubley talks Hardcore

Here's a great newspaper article about Season Hubley from early 1979. The focus of the piece is on her new movie Hardcore and the actress gives several great quotes about the research she did to prepare for her role in the film.