Season Hubley in Christmas Eve (1986)

Throughout the 1980s, Season Hubley took part in many television projects. In 1986, the lovely actress lent her presence to a wonderful seasonal film called Christmas Eve (also known as Christmas Dove). The movie stars the legendary Loretta Young and she plays an old woman who is going to die soon, so she decides to hire a private investigator to locate her three grandchildren who she has not seen in many years.

In Christmas Eve, Season Hubley plays one of Loretta Young's missing grandchildren. Hubley's character, Melissa, now lives in California where she acts and also directs children's plays. A private detective (Ron Leibman) locates her and tells her that her grandma wants her home for the holidays. Hubley and Leibman also share several scenes (including one where they stroll down a beach) where they flirt and have deep conversations.

Season Hubley is just one of many fine performers in Christmas Eve and even though her time on-screen is limited, she manages to stand-out. She looks great and, because of her great acting skills and natural charm, she is able to make an impression on the viewer even though she had a script which gave her very little to work with.