Season Hubley in Vice Squad

In 1982, Season Hubley co-starred with Wings Hauser and Gary Swanson in Vice Squad. This campy film about hookers, cops and a psycho pimp was reviled by many critics at the time of it's theatrical release in 1982 but the movie has since become a cult classic.

Season Hubley portrays a prostitute named Princess in Vice Squad. In 1979, the actress appeared as a young hooker in Hardcore, one of her most popular feature film roles. In Vice Squad, Season Hubley plays a somewhat more seasoned prostitute in a seemingly darker, more seedy situation. She eventually runs afoul of a brutal pimp named Ramrod (played with extreme zest by Wings Hauser) and much madness ensues. It's an entertaining film and Season Hubley really goes all out with her performance.

Season Hubley: actresses pay dearly for children

Here's a newspaper clipping from May 1985 (also published under the title "Actresses pay dearly for children"). Season Hubley took a lot of time off from the television/movie scene in the early 1980s so she could concentrate on raising her and Kurt Russell's son, Boston. This article features a number of quotes from Season Hubley explaining how she balances screen-work and parenting.

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Season Hubley: actress to fight for child support

Here's a newspaper clipping that was printed in various newspapers in January of 1986. The article discusses Season Hubley's quest to get more money for the support of her and Kurt Russell's child and goes into detail about what the money would be used for.

Clip of Season Hubley in The Key to Rebecca

Here's a clip of Season Hubley in the 1985 four hour television event The Key to Rebecca. For the role of Elene Fontana, Season Hubley speaks with an accent and looks quite different from any other part she would play during her 25 year career.

Season Hubley talks about her son and The Key to Rebecca

Here's a great newspaper article about Season Hubley from May 1985. The actress is quoted at length about her son and also discusses several other subjects including her recent return to acting. This article was published right around the time The Key to Rebecca miniseries was first airing around North America and the piece begins and ends with information about that project.

A picture of Season Hubley

Here's an interesting photo of Season Hubley sitting in the sand, gazing intensely into the camera.