Season Hubley and Jeff Bridges

In 1973, a young Season Hubley appeared in her first feature film, Lolly-Madonna XXX (also known as The Lolly-Madonna War) in which she played the title character. One of her co-stars in the movie was Jeff Bridges and here are two promotional photographs of the youthful pair.

Late 70s magazine profile

Here is a short write-up on Season Hubley from the late 1970s. The piece includes several interesting details about Season Hubley's pre-acting days and features a quote from the actress at the end.

Season Hubley--Playing the part of Niki, a young hustler in Hardcore, starring George C. Scott, Season returned to the streets of New York City where she grew up. When she was 14 years old, Season got her first job--sweeping out a nightclub in downtown Manhattan. She was paid in sandwiches. From then on, she worked as a waitress, dishwasher, any odd job. At 16, she went to Europe and wandered around for several years, supporting herself by farming in Ireland and cooking soup in Paris. Her big show-business break came when a producer spotted her on the street and asked her to come to an audition for his upcoming TV show. Since then, Season has been in Family, Kung Fu, and most recently, she played Priscilla Presley in ABC-TV's Elvis. Season, who lives alone in a five-room house in the Hollywood Hills, had to really dig within herself to sympathetically portray the porno star in Hardcore. As she tells the story, "I had seen a porno film in 1969, with a guy I was in love with. We'd been together a long time and we did it as a lark. After seeing the film, I wouldn't let him touch me for a week!"

Season Hubley: cool 1970s photo

Yeah, I've seen this pic of Season Hubley before too...but this one has that nice faded 70s feel to it!