Clip of Season Hubley in A Caribbean Mystery

Here's a nice clip of Season Hubley in the 1983 TV movie A Caribbean Mystery. In this scene, a confused Molly Kendall (Season Hubley) wanders around the dining room and kitchen of the resort she co-owns.

Season Hubley talks Hardcore and Priscilla Presley

In February of 1979, two of Season Hubley's most enduring projects were released: the semi-controversial feature film Hardcore and the made-for-TV epic Elvis. In this newspaper article from early that month, Season Hubley talks about her roles in both of those projects. She draws a comparison between her prostitute character in Hardcore and her role as Priscilla Presley, identifying them both as victims. The second part of the article is also quite interesting: Season Hubley shares a few anecdotes from her past concerning subjects such as her father, the men she has been involved with and her thoughts on marriage (oddly enough, she was married to her Elvis co-star Kurt Russell a little over a month after this piece was published).

Season Hubley in Unspeakable Acts

Season Hubley and Joseph Mazzello

In 1990, Season Hubley appeared in a topical movie-of-the-week called Unspeakable Acts. I haven't seen the movie but it sounds like a hard-hitting look at child abuse. Unspeakable Acts was one of three TV movies that Season Hubley did in 1990 (the other two being Child in the Night and Vestige of Honor; she also appeared in an episode of Murder, She Wrote that year).

Below you will find a quick summary of Unspeakable Acts:

Season Hubley in A Caribbean Mystery

In 1983, Season Hubley was one of the stars of A Caribbean Mystery, a made-for-television adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novels. Season Hubley (billed here as Season HÅ«bley, with a line over the u) spent the bulk of the 1980s doing TV work and A Caribbean Mystery was her first TV project of the decade. A number of other famous and semi-famous actors and actresses form the ensemble cast of A Caribbean Mystery, but the story really revolves around Jameson Parker and Season Hubley (who are first billed after star Helen Hayes). As Molly and Tim Kendall, the couple own a small, up-and-coming resort somewhere in the Caribbean where Miss Marple decides to visit and murders begin to occur.

Season Hubley does quite well with her role and makes the most of the time that she is given on-screen. Since she is at the center of a plot to drive her insane, she has many intense, high-emotion scenes. Season Hubley is not afraid to really get into the proceedings as you can see:

Here's a contemporary newspaper clipping about A Caribbean Mystery. The focus of the piece is on the star of the movie, Helen Hayes, but it still gives a nice overview of the project.

Here are some images of Season Hubley appearing in A Caribbean Mystery:

Season Hubley and Jameson Parker

Jameson Parker comforts Season Hubley

Season Hubley and Jameson Parker again

Season Hubley with Lynne Moody and Jameson Parker

Season Hubley and Stephen Macht

Season Hubley: No Shrinking Violet

Here's a profile of actress Season Hubley from early 1978. A variety of topics are discussed throughout the article including her upcoming film Hardcore, her miniseries Loose Change, the 1960s, how she got started in Hollywood and many other subjects.

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