Season Hubley: Modeling

Here's one of the most interesting newspaper articles about Season Hubley I've come across in recent memory. In this piece (originally published in September 1974), Season Hubley discusses her modeling career and also gives tips to other young women about how they can best discover their own personal beauty. One of things that I found most intriguing was the mention of Season Hubley's height as being 4' 6" (!) whereas her IMDb bio says 5' 5"!

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Season Hubley: Visions promo photo

A while ago, we took a look at Season Hubley's 1977 appearance on the dramatic anthology series Visions. In an episode titled "All I Could See from Where I Stood," the actress played a young woman who has to come to terms with her alcoholic mother and also deal with other issues in her life. Season Hubley's co-stars in the project were Louise Latham (playing her mother) and Richard Gilliland (playing her boyfriend).

Here's a promotional photograph of Season Hubley and Richard Gilliland:

Season Hubley: 1985 publicity still

Here's a photograph of Season Hubley which was often used to accompany press articles about the actress circa 1985.

Bobby Jo and the Big Apple Good Time Band

What was Season Hubley's first acting job? It was playing the title character in a half-hour pilot for a proposed series called Bobby Jo and the Big Apple Good Time Band in 1972. Apparently, she had accompanied a friend to an audition for the pilot and producer Paul Junger Witt handpicked her to be the star. Bobby Jo and the Big Apple Good Time Band didn't end up being made into a series, but the association with its production company, Screen Gems, did get Season Hubley a guest role on The Partridge Family later that year. 

Here are some brief newspaper clippings discussing the project. You'll notice that even in a review of her very first gig, Season Hubley is singled out as being "destined for stardom."

The clipping below describes just how close the Bobby Jo... project got to actually becoming a series. Apparently, there was rumor of a recasting...with the exception of Season Hubley, of course!

Pic of Season Hubley from Catch My Soul

In 1974, Season Hubley was a cast member in a bizarre, musical retelling of Shakespeare's Othello called Catch My Soul. I haven't seen it or read too much about the film, but if you are interested check out this post on another blog. A review of Catch My Soul from Boxoffice magazine mentions simply that "Season Hubley has little to do as but look pretty as Desdemona...."

Season Hubley in Mrs R's Daughter

Besides starring in Elvis and Hardcore, 1979 also saw Season Hubley co-starring with Cloris Leachman in a dramatic TV movie called Mrs R's Daughter. I haven't seen it so I can't tell you how much she is featured in the project. However, the contemporary newspaper photo and review included here should give you a little bit of information about the movie and Season Hubley's role in it.

Photo of Season Hubley and Tom Wopat

In 1988, Season Hubley was on of the stars of a short-lived television series called Blue Skies. Here's a great photograph of Season Hubley and her co-star Tom Wopat.