Another stunning portrait of Season Hubley

A wonderful photograph of Season Hubley!

Season Hubley in Loose Change (part 2)

In 1978, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Cristina Raines and Laurie Heineman in a three part minseries called Loose Change. Based on the book by Sara Davidson, it tells the story of a trio of women living in the 1960s. This television miniseries came about right around the time of the peak of Season Hubley's mainstream popularity. Combined with her big projects from the following year (Elvis and Hardcore), these would be her most visible projects at the time. However, because of the refusal to remaster and release Loose Change for the mass market, it has unfortunately become one of Hubley's more obscure projects.

In Loose Change, Season Hubley portrays Tanya Berenson and in the second section of the miniseries she decides to start seeing a married man (played by the prolific Michael Tolan). She has some dramatic scenes where she confronts her boyfriend about leaving his wife. Other scenes involve her comforting her friend Kate Evans (played by Cristina Raines). 

All in all, Hubley does a fantastic job in Loose Change. She looks great with long blond hair (is it a wig?) and she deftly handles dramatic and humorous moments with great ease.

Season Hubley in The Three Wishes of Billy Grier

In 1984, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Ralph Macchio in a TV movie called The Three Wishes of Billy Grier. The film concerns itself with a rare disease wherein a young person rapidly ages and dies. Macchio, fresh from the first Karate Kid movie, plays the young man afflicted with this fatal condition. After running away from home to find his father, he meets a woman named Phyllis Johnson (played by Season Hubley) and begins a quirky relationship with her.

The Three Wishes of Billy Grier is a somewhat bizarre film, something that they probably wouldn't make today. The movie was somewhat popular when it first aired and many people recall it from the years that it was rerun on television. It was good exposure for Season Hubley whose feature film career had recently gone asunder and was no focusing exclusively on TV projects. The scene where she kisses child star Macchio is one of the more memorable scenes from The Three Wishes of Billy Grier and one that many people still remember today.

Season Hubley on Family (part four)

In early 1977, Season Hubley's final appearance on the TV show Family was first broadcast and it brought to an end the story arc of her character Salina Magee.

In the Family episode "Comings and Goings," Season Hubley again portrays Salina Magee, a young woman with a baby who was originally introduced in one of the first episodes of the show. Fast forward to the end of the second season and we get a much more mature Salina Magee and one who is now receiving greater acceptance from all members of the Lawrence family. In fact, after she asks Willie Lawrence if they can get a place together, he asks her to marry him and this event causes a bit of an uproar amongst the family.

This is a great episode of Family and it features yet another excellent performance from Season Hubley. The actress really seemed to mesh with the show and it is a shame that she couldn't become a permanent addition to the cast.

Season Hubley & Gary Frank

Season Hubley on Family (part three)

In late 1976, Season Hubley made her third appearance on the TV show Family.

"The Cradle Will Fall" was definitely the most dramatic episode of Season Hubley's four episode story arc on Family. This episode saw her character, single mother Salina Magee, battling to keep her child after the father makes a bid for custody. Because Salina had been arrested for drug smuggling (!) at some point, there is some question about whether she will be able to win the custody fight. Many tense scenes follow and, of course, Season Hubley is a good enough actress to make it all quite watchable!

Season Hubley & Sada Thompson

Season Hubley on Family (part two)

In October 1976, Season Hubley's second appearance on the television drama Family was first broadcast. Previously, the actress had a guest role in the third episode of the series.

In the Family episode "Such Sweet Sorrow," Season Hubley returns as Salina Magee, a young woman who had previously dated Willie Lawrence (played by Gary Frank). In the last episode, Salina Magee had left to go off and have her baby. In this episode, she comes back with her child and visits the Lawrence family. Of course, issues arise as Willie Lawrence (who is now seeing another girl) has to decide whether or not he wants to rekindle his romance with Salina.

Overall, this second appearance on Family was a good showcase for Season Hubley and she gives another engaging performance as a young, single mother. One thing the viewer may notice is the fact that the actress had grown her hair out since her last time on the show.

Season Hubley & Gary Frank