Clip of Season Hubley on The Partridge Family

Here's a clip of a very young Season Hubley in one her first roles, as featured guest star on an episode of The Partridge Family. In the episode 'The Princess and the Partridge', Season Hubley plays a princess who happens to be visiting San Pueblo, the town where the Partridges live. This scene depicts Keith Partridge (David Cassidy) on a date at the drive-in with the princess. Things are fine until the paparazzi show up!

Season Hubley stars in Blue Skies

In the summer of 1988, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Tom Wopat and Pat Hingle in a television series called Blue Skies. The hour-long CBS drama, about urban professionals from San Francisco who move to small town in Oregon, only lasted 8 episodes. The show was featured as a mid-season replacement but did not end up getting good enough ratings to become a proper series. Blue Skies was Season Hubley's first real attempt at being part of a regular TV series cast (she had focused mostly on guest roles in the past) and it's a shame that it didn't work out better for her.

Here's a 1987 newspaper clipping announcing the casting of Season Hubley in Blue Skies:

Here's an article featuring an interview with Season Hubley about her TV show Blue Skies:

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And finally, here is a reviewer who predicts that Blue Skies will come to end (which it did):

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Season Hubley in Shakedown on the Sunset Strip

In 1988, Season Hubley co-starred with Perry King and Joan Van Ark in the TV movie Shakedown on the Sunset Strip.

Here are two reviews/summaries of Shakedown on the Sunset Strip:

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And here is an article which focuses on Season Hubley's involvement with Shakedown on the Sunset Strip. You can click all three of the images below to see them full size.

Season Hubley in London and Davis in New York

Season Hubley and Richard Crenna are London and Davis

In 1984, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Richard Crenna in London and Davis in New York, a pilot for a proposed TV series. The series didn't end up getting made, which is a shame because it sounds like it would have been a fun show. It would have also been nice to see Season Hubley have her own weekly series in the 1980s, an endeavor which she didn't have much luck with in that decade. In 1988, Season Hubley was cast in another hour-long series called Blue Skies, but that show was cancelled after only 8 episodes had aired.

I haven't seen London and Davis in New York and I don't know whether it is even out there to be seen. If it turns up some day I'd love to see it. One item related to the show that does exist is Chuck Mangione's excellent 'Love Theme from London and Davis in New York'. A very '80s piece of music for what I'm sure was a very '80s show!

Apparently, Season Hubley was not the first choice for the role of Claudia London in London and Davis in New York. Early press for the project indicated that Farrah Fawcett was the actress who was originally wanted for the part, but that fell through. Blair Brown was then slated for the part but somewhere between the announcement of her involvement and the making of the pilot, Season Hubley came into the picture.

Clip of Season Hubley in Loose Change

Here's a clip of Season Hubley in Loose Change, a miniseries she did in 1978 which co-starred Cristina Raines and Laurie Heineman. This clip is from the first section of the three part miniseries and takes place when the main characters are still in college. In this scene, Tanya Berenson (Season Hubley's character) has a chat with her father while she's home for Christmas.

Season Hubley: Bright New Star

Here's a newspaper article from January 1974 about rising star Season Hubley. Read this slightly bizarre article to find out how "one of Hollywood's brightest young talents" became a "rabbit smuggler"(!).

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Season Hubley stars in 'Visions' drama

In late 1977, Season Hubley made her final TV show guest appearance of the decade on an anthology series called Visions. After this featured television role, Season Hubley turned her attention towards other projects, such as the miniseries Loose Change, playing Priscilla Presley in the 1979 movie Elvis, as well as her second feature film, Hardcore. Season Hubley had made a name for herself in the 1970s doing TV movies and with guest appearances on various TV series such as The Partridge Family, Kung Fu and Family. After her appearance on Visions in 1977, she would not do another guest shot on a series until 1985.

The following newspaper article is a rather lengthy description of Season Hubley's Visions episode, titled 'All I Could See From Where I Stood':

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Season Hubley guest stars on The Rookies

In November 1975, Season Hubley was the featured guest on an episode of The Rookies. The newspaper clipping below shows Season Hubley alongside actor Bruce Fairbairn and is accompanied by a short description of the episode. Season Hubley and Bruce Fairbairn play brother and sister in the episode 'A Time to Mourn'. He's a rookie cop and she is going to become a nun...trouble ensues after she is attacked by a strange man.

Season Hubley matures as an actress in 1978

The following newspaper article was originally published in May, 1978 and features some fairly candid quotes from Season Hubley. The article discusses the film she was making at the time (Hardcore), however several other interesting subjects are touched on. For instance, Season Hubley reveals that her last name is pronounced "hew-bly", that she would like to forget about the miniseries that she did (Loose Change) because she felt it turned out badly, and that she learned sign language so well for a role on the TV drama Westside Medical that she planned to work with deaf children in the future.

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Season Hubley returns to acting in 1984

Here's an article about Season Hubley that was published in various newspapers across North America in September, 1984. Some newspapers accompanied the piece with a photograph, while others just printed the text. The article is basically a brief summary of Season Hubley's career and personal life, published in the context of her having a comeback.

Picture of Season Hubley from Hardcore

Perhaps you've seen this picture before but who cares?! Season Hubley looked great in the 1979 film Hardcore and this promotional photo illustrates that nicely. Click the image to see it much, much bigger!

Season Hubley on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense

In 1986, Season Hubley was the featured guest star in an episode of Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. The UK anthology series only had one season but during it's time on the air it often featured American actors and actresses performing alongside their British counterparts. The show was sometimes titled Fox Mystery Theater in other countries and, because of it's 70 minute running time, episodes were sometimes simply listed as movies.

Season Hubley's Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense episode was titled 'Black Carrion' and co-starred British actor Leigh Lawson. 'Black Carrion' was a slightly bizarre but quite fun episode from highly entertaining series.

Here are some pics of Season Hubley appearing on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense:

Season Hubley and Leigh Lawson

Season Hubley and Kurt Russell: 'Yet another Elvis'

Here's a vintage newspaper clipping of Season Hubley and Kurt Russell, deep in character as Priscilla and Elvis Presley.

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Season Hubley on The Twilight Zone

In October 1985, Season Hubley appeared in an episode of the new Twilight Zone, the first of four guest appearances she would do in the mid-1980s on TV thriller anthology shows (she would also guest star on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense and The Hitchhiker). Season Hubley's segment of the three part Twilight Zone episode was titled 'Little Boy Lost' and tells the tale of a photographer who is trying to decide whether to focus on her career or to settle down and start a family.

Here are some images of Season Hubley on The Twilight Zone: