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Season Hubley in Under the Influence

In 1986, Season Hubley co-starred in a hard-hitting story about alcoholism, pill-popping and family troubles called Under the Influence. Depending on your viewpoint, the TV movie was either a gripping drama that uncovered the dark side of American life or just a heavy-handed portrait of some of the worst people you'd never want to meet. Sadly, many of the attitudes and types of people presented in Under the Influence really do exist...but one can always hope that the numbers are less now than they were when this movie was originally broadcast.

The upside of Under the Influence is the presence of Season Hubley. The actress gets to go over-the-top in her portrayal of the emotionally damaged daughter of horrible parents. During the course of this rather disturbing movie, Season Hubley gets to act utterly shocked a number of times, chain-smoke, slap her husband and attempt suicide. Her expressive face and solid acting skills make for a fun, if depressing, performance.

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Under the Influence:

Yet another Season Hubley image

Here's another picture of Season Hubley, complete with burgundy hat, teapot and too much makeup!

Season Hubley Prettykill promo pic

Here's a cool promotional image of a frightened Season Hubley for her 1987 film Pretty Kill:

Season Hubley in SST: Death Flight

1977 was perhaps Season Hubley's busiest year. She made five guest appearances on various TV shows and also co-starred in a TV movie, SST: Death Flight (also known as SST: Disaster in the Sky).

SST: Death Flight, made during the disaster movie trend of the 1970s, has been maligned by many (especially after being given the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment) but is really not all that bad. Sure it's cheesy but it is a fairly solid production with many familiar faces.

Season Hubley shares almost all of her scenes with two actors, screen veteran Peter Graves and John de Lancie (who is also a screen vet but is perhaps best known for playing Q in the later Star Trek series). Hubley has good chemistry with both and overall does a fine job with her ill-defined character. She looks cute enough too...though her hairstyle in this movie perhaps made her look a bit older than she actually was (she was around 25 years old at the time).

Season Hubley in Prettykill

Sometimes a movie is so bad it's good, other times so bad it's bad...but good. Prettykill goes far beyond these simple conventions and into a very unique and bizarre territory. I firmly believe that one must attain a higher consciousness in order to watch, let alone enjoy a film such as this.

Prettykill (also known as Tomorrow's a Killer) is a Canadian film with several somewhat well-known names attached. David Birney is ostensibly the star of the movie and he gives an outrageous performance as a grizzled cop. Yaphet Kotto plays his boss and he throws out a standard performance. British actress Susannah York is on hand as well, but she has little to do. Season Hubley comes across as beautiful and talented in her role. The single thing that takes this film so incredibly far over the top is the performance of Suzanne Synder as a psychotic hooker/killer. I won't even attempt to describe what she does in Prettykill...it has to be seen to be believed.

Anyways, Season Hubley's participation in this film is really what holds it together. The actress had already become famous playing a young prostitute in the movie Hardcore back in 1979. In 1982, she starred in Vice Squad where she again played a hooker, only this time in a far campier setting. Apparently wanting to out-sleaze her prior cinematic triumphs, Season Hubley took a starring role in Prettykill. This time she played a slightly older madam, connecting younger working girls with wealthy clients.

Despite the absurdity of Prettykill, Season Hubley still comes out relatively unscathed. In her mid 30s when she made the film, the actress looks lovely and gives an appealing performance despite being given relatively little to work with.

A portrait of Season Hubley

Here is a wonderful photograph of Season Hubley. Click the image to see it full size!

Photograph of Season Hubley

Here's a portrait of a young, fresh-faced Season Hubley. This photo was used to promote to her 1973 movie The Lolly-Madonna War (also known as Lolly-Madonna XXX). This image is large in size, so click on it to see it BIG.

Season Hubley in Vestige of Honor

Season Hubley took on supporting roles in three TV movies in 1990: Unspeakable Acts, Child in the Night and then, originally airing on December 30 of that year, Vestige of Honor. The project, starring Michael Gross and Gerald McRaney, is unfortunately rather obscure today (Season Hubley portrays the wife  Michael Gross's character). I haven't seen it and I don't know if it is even out there to be seen! Hopefully, some promotional images or a copy of the movie will surface at some point, but until then....

Season Hubley in Child in the Night

Season Hubley had supporting roles in three TV movies in 1990 and one of those projects was Child in the Night. It originally aired on CBS and also starred Tom Skerritt, JoBeth Williams, Elijah Wood and Darren McGavin. Season Hubley did a fine job with her limited material in Child in the Night. Unfortunately, most of the movie's hour and a half length is occupied by the other actors, though Hubley's scenes are nevertheless crucial.

Here is a video, crudely edited together by me, which compiles most of Season Hubley's scenes in Child in the Night. Sadly, it only adds up to five minutes total. However, it's worth a look...the actress looks great and gives a compelling performance. This clip definitely contains spoilers, so if the movie is on your Season Hubley watch list you might not want to view the end of it.

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Child in the Night: