Season Hubley in She Lives!

In 1973, Season Hubley co-starred with Desi Arnaz Jr in She Lives (an exclamation point got attached to She Lives! at some point, though none of the original press for the movie uses it). It was her first full-length made-for-television movie and that same year also saw her make her feature film debut in Lolly-Madonna XXX. This combination was good exposure for the young actress and Season Hubley became a fixture on television (and occasionally the big screen) for the rest of the decade and beyond.

Here is some information about She Lives!:

She Lives! is certainly not for everyone. Australian reviewer Doug Anderson didn't think too much of the movie when he briefly reviewed it in 1986:

A couple of promotional photos of Season Hubley and Desi Arnaz Jr:

The same image used three times, each with a different caption:

Here are some images of Season Hubley in She Lives:

Season Hubley: short newspaper profile

In June 1979, an admirer of the actress who portrayed Priscilla Preseley in the Elvis! TV movie wrote in to a newspaper to find out what her name was and what else she had done. Well, it turned out to be Season Hubley (!) and a brief rundown of her career is given.

Here is the photograph of Kurt Russell and Season Hubley that was included with the article:

Who is Season Hubley?

Here is an early newspaper profile of Season Hubley which attempts to answer the question: "Who Is Season?" This article was originally published in September 1973 while the actress was promoting her new TV movie, She Lives! Season Hubley, described as "delightful and bouncy," talks about her role in the movie. Additionally, some interesting details about her background are given, such as that her father was an oil executive and that she attended Quintano's School for Young Professionals in New York.