Photo of Season Hubley and her Shakedown on the Sunset Strip co-stars

Previously, we took a look at Season Hubley's involvement in the 1988 TV movie Shakedown on the Sunset Strip. The above photo was included in that post, though it was taken from a newspaper and looked rather fuzzy. Well, here is a clean version of the promotional photo which features Season Hubley seated behind her Shakedown on the Sunset Strip co-stars Perry King and Joan Van Ark.

Season Hubley in Stepfather III

In 1992, Season Hubley co-starred in the Stepfather III. This sequel was somewhat ill-advised but still managed to be campy and fun. Terry O'Quinn, who had played the stepfather role in the first two films, was replaced in this film by actor Robert Wightman. This replacement was not the main problem with the film, rather it is botched plastic surgery look of star Priscilla Barnes which is quite unsettling. This is in stark contrast to co-star Season Hubley, who had the common sense to age gracefully.

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Stepfather III:

Season Hubley and Robert Wightman

Season Hubley and Priscilla Barnes