A photo of Season Hubley and Kurt Russell

A picture of Kurt Russell and Season Hubley in happier times. Too bad it didn't work out!

Season Hubley portrays Priscilla Presley in Elvis (1979)

In 1979, Season Hubley took on the role of Priscilla Presley in Elvis, a biographical film about the glory years of the infamous Elvis Presley. Kurt Russell plays Elvis and John Carpenter directs the film...these are not the first people one would generally think of to fill these roles. Surprisingly, the movie is highly watchable with exhilarating musical sequences and campy drama throughout.

Season Hubley appears about halfway through the film, first playing a teenage Priscilla and then later a slightly more mature version. Season Hubley is also perhaps not the first name one would think of when casting Priscilla Presley but she handles herself well here. Yes, you will notice that she wears the giant bouffant hairstyle that Priscilla is known for...and she wears it well!

On a side note, you might also remember that co-stars Kurt Russell and Season Hubley got married a month after Elvis was released.

Two pics of Season Hubley from Vice Squad

In 1982, Season Hubley starred as a prostitute in a major motion picture for the second time (previously she had played a young hooker named Niki in the 1979 film Hardcore) in the movie Vice Squad. As Princess in Vice Squad, Season Hubley is one the run from angry pimp Ramrod (played with zest by Wings Hauser).

Here are two images of Season Hubley deep in her role as Princess: