Season Hubley stars in Blue Skies

In the summer of 1988, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Tom Wopat and Pat Hingle in a television series called Blue Skies. The hour-long CBS drama, about urban professionals from San Francisco who move to small town in Oregon, only lasted 8 episodes. The show was featured as a mid-season replacement but did not end up getting good enough ratings to become a proper series. Blue Skies was Season Hubley's first real attempt at being part of a regular TV series cast (she had focused mostly on guest roles in the past) and it's a shame that it didn't work out better for her.

Here's a 1987 newspaper clipping announcing the casting of Season Hubley in Blue Skies:

Here's an article featuring an interview with Season Hubley about her TV show Blue Skies:

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And finally, here is a reviewer who predicts that Blue Skies will come to end (which it did):

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