Season Hubley in Vice Squad

In 1982, Season Hubley co-starred with Wings Hauser and Gary Swanson in Vice Squad. This campy film about hookers, cops and a psycho pimp was reviled by many critics at the time of it's theatrical release in 1982 but the movie has since become a cult classic.

Season Hubley portrays a prostitute named Princess in Vice Squad. In 1979, the actress appeared as a young hooker in Hardcore, one of her most popular feature film roles. In Vice Squad, Season Hubley plays a somewhat more seasoned prostitute in a seemingly darker, more seedy situation. She eventually runs afoul of a brutal pimp named Ramrod (played with extreme zest by Wings Hauser) and much madness ensues. It's an entertaining film and Season Hubley really goes all out with her performance.

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