Season Hubley on Starsky & Hutch

During the 1970s, Season Hubley spent the bulk of her time working within the world of television, doing a number of TV movies and appearing as a guest on various series. In 1977, Season Hubley was the featured guest star on an episode of Starsky & Hutch titled "Starsky's Lady" (Season Hubley, of course played the lady in question).

On her episode of Starsky and Hutch, Season Hubley played Terry, the current love of Detective Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser). Everything is going smoothly with their relationship until someone from Starsky's past decides to start hurting the people he loves. Terry gets a bullet to the head. She narrowly survives but doctors are unable to remove the bullet, so she only has a limited amount time to live. Very little police work is done (though, as you might expect, the bad guy is captured at the end) and most of the episode revolves around this highly emotional situation.

All in all, Season Hubley does good work here and she is very endearing as the young woman sentenced to die prematurely. Being a popular show, her appearance on Starsky & Hutch was undoubtedly good exposure for the actress (that same year she would also appear on another cop show, Kojak, which actually aired about a month after her Starsky & Hutch guest spot) which helped pave the way to the bigger projects Season Hubley would become involved with shortly thereafter.

Here are some images of Season Hubley on Starsky & Hutch:

Season Hubley and Paul Michael Glaser

Season Hubley and David Soul

Season Hubley smirks


  1. One of my favorite episodes of the show! When I was head of Programming for TNT we once did a "Starsky & Hutch" marathon opposite the Super Bowl with all the romance episodes -- this one was the centerpiece! Thank you for this great blog! I wish she was still working -- I would love to see her as a beautiful older woman. She was so charming and definitely one of my favorite actresses of the time.

  2. I distinctly remember falling in love with the lovely Season in 1977, as a 19-year-old boy when she appeared as Starsky's dreamy love interest. I had forgotten this touching moment in my past until I ran across some S&H videos on YouTube. As soon as Ms. Hubley appeared, all the old crush feelings - complete with adolescent sighs -popped back in my mind. To Season: thanks for such lovely memories. Although I did see you in other parts, it is your portrayal of Terry on S&H that still makes me smile the most. God bless you, pretty girl.