Season Hubley in Child in the Night

Season Hubley had supporting roles in three TV movies in 1990 and one of those projects was Child in the Night. It originally aired on CBS and also starred Tom Skerritt, JoBeth Williams, Elijah Wood and Darren McGavin. Season Hubley did a fine job with her limited material in Child in the Night. Unfortunately, most of the movie's hour and a half length is occupied by the other actors, though Hubley's scenes are nevertheless crucial.

Here is a video, crudely edited together by me, which compiles most of Season Hubley's scenes in Child in the Night. Sadly, it only adds up to five minutes total. However, it's worth a look...the actress looks great and gives a compelling performance. This clip definitely contains spoilers, so if the movie is on your Season Hubley watch list you might not want to view the end of it.

Here are some images of Season Hubley in Child in the Night:

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