Season Hubley in SST: Death Flight

1977 was perhaps Season Hubley's busiest year. She made five guest appearances on various TV shows and also co-starred in a TV movie, SST: Death Flight (also known as SST: Disaster in the Sky).

SST: Death Flight, made during the disaster movie trend of the 1970s, has been maligned by many (especially after being given the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment) but is really not all that bad. Sure it's cheesy but it is a fairly solid production with many familiar faces.

Season Hubley shares almost all of her scenes with two actors, screen veteran Peter Graves and John de Lancie (who is also a screen vet but is perhaps best known for playing Q in the later Star Trek series). Hubley has good chemistry with both and overall does a fine job with her ill-defined character. She looks cute enough too...though her hairstyle in this movie perhaps made her look a bit older than she actually was (she was around 25 years old at the time).

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