Season Hubley in London and Davis in New York

Season Hubley and Richard Crenna are London and Davis

In 1984, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Richard Crenna in London and Davis in New York, a pilot for a proposed TV series. The series didn't end up getting made, which is a shame because it sounds like it would have been a fun show. It would have also been nice to see Season Hubley have her own weekly series in the 1980s, an endeavor which she didn't have much luck with in that decade. In 1988, Season Hubley was cast in another hour-long series called Blue Skies, but that show was cancelled after only 8 episodes had aired.

I haven't seen London and Davis in New York and I don't know whether it is even out there to be seen. If it turns up some day I'd love to see it. One item related to the show that does exist is Chuck Mangione's excellent 'Love Theme from London and Davis in New York'. A very '80s piece of music for what I'm sure was a very '80s show!

Apparently, Season Hubley was not the first choice for the role of Claudia London in London and Davis in New York. Early press for the project indicated that Farrah Fawcett was the actress who was originally wanted for the part, but that fell through. Blair Brown was then slated for the part but somewhere between the announcement of her involvement and the making of the pilot, Season Hubley came into the picture.

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