Season Hubley in Loose Change (part 2)

In 1978, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Cristina Raines and Laurie Heineman in a three part minseries called Loose Change. Based on the book by Sara Davidson, it tells the story of a trio of women living in the 1960s. This television miniseries came about right around the time of the peak of Season Hubley's mainstream popularity. Combined with her big projects from the following year (Elvis and Hardcore), these would be her most visible projects at the time. However, because of the refusal to remaster and release Loose Change for the mass market, it has unfortunately become one of Hubley's more obscure projects.

In Loose Change, Season Hubley portrays Tanya Berenson and in the second section of the miniseries she decides to start seeing a married man (played by the prolific Michael Tolan). She has some dramatic scenes where she confronts her boyfriend about leaving his wife. Other scenes involve her comforting her friend Kate Evans (played by Cristina Raines). 

All in all, Hubley does a fantastic job in Loose Change. She looks great with long blond hair (is it a wig?) and she deftly handles dramatic and humorous moments with great ease.

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