Season Hubley in The Three Wishes of Billy Grier

In 1984, Season Hubley co-starred alongside Ralph Macchio in a TV movie called The Three Wishes of Billy Grier. The film concerns itself with a rare disease wherein a young person rapidly ages and dies. Macchio, fresh from the first Karate Kid movie, plays the young man afflicted with this fatal condition. After running away from home to find his father, he meets a woman named Phyllis Johnson (played by Season Hubley) and begins a quirky relationship with her.

The Three Wishes of Billy Grier is a somewhat bizarre film, something that they probably wouldn't make today. The movie was somewhat popular when it first aired and many people recall it from the years that it was rerun on television. It was good exposure for Season Hubley whose feature film career had recently gone asunder and was no focusing exclusively on TV projects. The scene where she kisses child star Macchio is one of the more memorable scenes from The Three Wishes of Billy Grier and one that many people still remember today.

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