Season Hubley on Family (part one)

In early 1976, Season Hubley made the first of four guest appearances on the dramatic television series Family. Her presence on this popular show was great exposure for the actress before she moved on to bigger projects at the end of the decade.

In the Family episode titled "A Special Kind of Loving," Season Hubley plays a (spoiler!) young pregnant woman named Salina Magee. She is a health food store/restaurant employee who is estranged from her own family. Willie Lawrence (played by Gary Frank) begins dating her, not knowing that she is pregnant. Soon after, everyone on the show finds out that she is going to be a single mother and they all begin to freak out.

Season Hubley's first appearance on Family is a fun one, especially to view nearly 40 years after it was first broadcast. The topic of a young person accidentally becoming pregnant is treated very dramatically. Plus, we get all the funky clothing and set designs!

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