Season Hubley on Family (part two)

In October 1976, Season Hubley's second appearance on the television drama Family was first broadcast. Previously, the actress had a guest role in the third episode of the series.

In the Family episode "Such Sweet Sorrow," Season Hubley returns as Salina Magee, a young woman who had previously dated Willie Lawrence (played by Gary Frank). In the last episode, Salina Magee had left to go off and have her baby. In this episode, she comes back with her child and visits the Lawrence family. Of course, issues arise as Willie Lawrence (who is now seeing another girl) has to decide whether or not he wants to rekindle his romance with Salina.

Overall, this second appearance on Family was a good showcase for Season Hubley and she gives another engaging performance as a young, single mother. One thing the viewer may notice is the fact that the actress had grown her hair out since her last time on the show.

Season Hubley & Gary Frank

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