Season Hubley on Family (part four)

In early 1977, Season Hubley's final appearance on the TV show Family was first broadcast and it brought to an end the story arc of her character Salina Magee.

In the Family episode "Comings and Goings," Season Hubley again portrays Salina Magee, a young woman with a baby who was originally introduced in one of the first episodes of the show. Fast forward to the end of the second season and we get a much more mature Salina Magee and one who is now receiving greater acceptance from all members of the Lawrence family. In fact, after she asks Willie Lawrence if they can get a place together, he asks her to marry him and this event causes a bit of an uproar amongst the family.

This is a great episode of Family and it features yet another excellent performance from Season Hubley. The actress really seemed to mesh with the show and it is a shame that she couldn't become a permanent addition to the cast.

Season Hubley & Gary Frank

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